Our Process

We are here to better society and enhance success through our data-driven solutions.


Engage through our fun, gamified app that is customized to your needs and collects hundreds of feedback points from each user within minutes. Our app data is collected alongside data from external sources, and we combine this subjective and objective data into a coherent, cohesive picture of trends and strategic possibilities.


We identify community and market strengths, weaknesses and needs, by using unique algorithms to investigate relationships between the various wellbeing domains, thus identifying both community and market strengths, weaknesses and needs. Our analysis provides actionable intelligence to assess market opportunities and enhance the implementation process of strategies and policies. BBetter’s dashboard visualizes a given community’s ongoing feedback and portrays results from sophisticated analytics that slice and dice the data true to reality, rather than to common silos.


Implement​ innovative solutions that help companies, organizations and policymakers enhance management processes, market penetration, business development and policies. We offer comprehensive datasets, our customized, gamified app, development strategies and consulting services.