Our Solutions

For Society

BBetter offers data-driven solutions for better policy making. We maximize the efficiency of your policies across wellbeing domains. BBetter utilizes proven wellbeing know-how, sophisticated analytics and policy expertise to create tailor-made, state-of-the art solutions.
Our wellbeing data and analysis supports you in creating and enhancing policy by continuously updating you on how your society is doing.

Project Evaluation

BBetter supports you in seamlessly measuring project success by collecting and analyzing feedback from project participants.

  • Receive real-time feedback from a defined group at the focus of your policy – such as school staff or immigrants newly arrived in your city – via the BBetter app, custom made to your needs.

  • Identify challenges and early warning signs that threaten to undermine your project’s success.

  • Direct policy design based on a combination of wellbeing factors and what’s currently working.

Policy Development

BBetter helps you create, implement and monitor focused, targeted policy.

  • View a real-time account of your people’s wellbeing, including their strengths, desires and needs.

  • Identify early warning signs before they turn into major issues.

  • Engage your people through our fun and customizable app with multi-language functionality.

  • Receive continuous feedback on the policies that you have chosen to implement.