Wellbeing in a Nutshell

Wellbeing is a framework composed of well-researched aspects of life and the understanding of how to improve them. Wellbeing aspects are interconnected and influence your strategies and policies both directly and indirectly.

Why Wellbeing

BBetter knows that achieving success and increasing wellbeing goes hand in hand – they are positively correlated.​
If you know what people need and want for their wellbeing, you can develop and adapt your strategies and policies accordingly, and increase your success – and vice versa.

Wellbeing is a framework composed of globally agreed-upon life domains and indicators that reflect societal progress and development. The fundamental life domains are: social capital, wealth, food, happiness, education, safety, health, environment and infrastructure. Flexible indicators, such as trust, innovation and satisfaction are additional aspects measured to arrive at a complete view of wellbeing. These flexible aspects change according to the strategy and policy priorities of our clients.

Today, market strategies and policy are primarily driven by economic measures and disregard other relevant life domains. This has led to limited commercial development and public frustration with corporate strategy and government policies.​

Over the past ten years, there has been a growing interest in wellbeing indicators to reflect and assess the needs of societies. Leading companies, organizations and governments have realized the necessity of wellbeing indicators in making better decisions on strategy and policy.

BBetter has developed wellbeing data collection methods, algorithms and implementation strategies that enhance wellbeing knowledge and make it both accessible and actionable.

Our wellbeing data is especially beneficial when it is used to analyze different life domains together (e.g. acknowledging that health is affected by education and education by safety). Challenges are thus deciphered with a closer-to-reality perceptive, as opposed to being addressed according to current silos. Our wellbeing framework encompasses subjective and objective data, and this unique combination of desires and circumstances reveals trends that were previously undiscovered.

BBetter measures and analyzes wellbeing to drive strategizing and policymaking to achieve greater success and boost wellbeing.